Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Freedom to Choose the Write!

Writing is a source of happiness for me. I am very grateful that as a country we are free to choose. That as Gods children we have a freedom that is born in us.

 I am not required to do what my husband wants me to. 
What the cashier at the grocery store wants me to,
 or even what my Mother believes and has taught me to do. 
It's up to me to choose happiness. 
I've never really been un-happy. Growing up I've been blessed with everything I need. I didn't grow up in a wealthy home but I had intelligent parents and lots of siblings who love each other and care about each others happiness. Today I'm living in my own home with my own family, who have what seems like a thousand needs I can't ever seem to fill. I worry day in and day out about their happiness and it's been draining my own reserves.
This is where writing comes in. When I found writing and started regularly practicing and making it a part of my own happiness it was a wonderful thing. Till it started to cause problems with the happiness of those I love. Problem is giving it up would be like giving up a part of my heart.
I did a lot of crying when I thought that was the direction I was headed and I'm still not certain I'm out of that zone. but today my husband is learning about this other love and today I am trying to share and control the effects it has on my life and because of the great freedom I've been blessed with I am free to choose the things that make me happy.
It's been a bit of a revelation learning that I can choose writing and my family won't fall apart. That caring for my creativity does not mean that my family is moved out of that number one spot. I still have to learn how to give time to all those I love but I'm choosing to keep writing in that circle. 

We've all had days when the world falls apart and sometimes weeks and years. I'm deciding that I hate that and I choose happiness. 

So, happy 4th!
And happy freedom to choose!
Choose whatever is right for you. 
I take great joy today in choosing to write!

This has been a message from your friendly chapter of the Insecure Writer's Support Group!
Write on friends!


farawayeyes said...

An excellent message. It's often that we put the happiness of others first -- an admirable trait -- but there is only one person for whose happiness we are truly responsible -- our own. I think we teach our children best how to be happy, by finding our own happiness and allowing them to share in that. Hang in there and keep writing. BTW, nice to meet you.

Hillary Sperry said...

Nice to meet you too! I'm so glad you stopped by!

J. A. Bennett said...

Wonderful attitude! I choose happiness too :)

Heather M. Gardner said...

Thanks for posting for IWSG!
Great choice.
It is hard to juggle our families and our own interests but we need to be good to ourselves in order to be our best for our families.
Keep writing.
Heather M. Gardner

Julianne Price said...

I also struggle with this. I feel like I neglect my family at times, but I also feel terrible if I don't get some writing in (it's like an addiction!) Good luck finding the balance. And don't ever give it up!

Julianne Price at Dragon and Phoenix

cleemckenziebooks said...

Great IWSG post that's connected to our 4th celebration. Here's to doing it your way.

Hillary Sperry said...

Done! It's a good day for happy :)

Hillary Sperry said...

So true and sometimes the challenge beats me :) but I love them both to much to give up on either one!
Thanks for stopping by!

Hillary Sperry said...

Cheers! Happy 4th and thanks for stopping by!

Hillary Sperry said...

It's just a good thing my family keeps putting up with my learning curve!

Mencara Mitchell said...

Lovely post. Choose happiness in all it's forms!