Monday, April 1, 2013

Going Healthy! Outside-out!

I've been loving writing! I write all day and I walk away saying, 
"Wow! I did something amazing today!" 
However, it only happens a couple times a week. 
See, when I step away from the computer it's usually onto a pair of soggy pants left in my room by my son, and around the corner lies half the contents of my daughters bedroom, and my dinner dishes are mingling in the kitchen, with the forgotten breakfast and lunch leftovers. Oops! 
Anyhow I've been thinking it's time to turn things inside out and make a plan to get it all done! Everyone I know has a plan, my books even need a plan, if I ever intend to get to the end. 
So, why not me.

Then my friend started posting about a Summer Ready Health Challenge. 
Not weight loss, just health. It even had a spiritual component.
 I loved the idea of getting ready for summer inside and out! 
I was totally in! And it started today. 
Whew! It's been a little crazy trying to remember how to be healthy!
On top of the body and spirit portion of the challenge, I've added mind. I've given myself a personal challenge of daily writing to go along with the rest of it!  Not all day daily writing but some, even if it's just a little. I'm so looking forward to the next 8 weeks! I'm planning to come out of this with some new healthy habits for my body and mind!
Really it's not such an inside out approach, but I'm taking what I've already got out there and I'm gonna use it if I have to turn myself inside-out, or right side-in, or "outside-out" as my little guy would say :) 

As a writer, how do you turn yourself inside out?
 You write! You write so many words they are spilling out your fingers, and over the bound edges of your books! Then you gather a few up, and keep writing till they're exactly where they're supposed to be! 

I'm super excited! 
Here's to summer of outside-out books and lives!

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