Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remembering why I love to write

I had a great day Saturday! I attended a writers workshop in NW Arkansas! Just a one day thing but it was just what I needed!
I'm remembering how much I love to write! It brings me joy to sit down and let a story spill out onto paper! 
 Marilyn Collins gave a fantastic talk on getting the most you can from a writers conference. She had great advice on networking with editors & agents. Because of her the next thing on my list to do is to practice a 25 word pitch. Haha! I've known for awhile that I should do this, at the last writers conference I went to I remember wracking my brain for a description of what the heck I'm writing. It either came out incredibly vague or I'd watch a glazed expression that I couldn't seem to fix as I went chapter by chapter through my whole book.  It was sad. So, I've decided the 25 word pitch is for me, and for everyone!
This will not happen to me again :)

 The sisterhood of the traveling pen was a fun portion as well. They did  dramatized version of the pros and cons of large and small press publication. Can't say I completely agreed with all of it but it was lots of fun and makes you think about what you really want to do with your book.

Before the conference was over I was digging out my laptop feeling inspired all over again!  After my last conference well I'm feeling like this is a huge improvement! What's crazy is I know this has nothing to do with the actual conference but entirely to do with me and where I'm at. Last time I was overwhelmed with the information, and the knowledge that when I got home I was expected to write a book! Me?! The only time I'd ever said that before was while hiding in the closet with my laptop, trying to escape the 5 whining little people outside the door. This time the classes were excellent and I value the information I received, but this time I was ready to be inspired!

So thank you to the North West Arkansas Writers Group I loved it!

I had a lovely day Doug Kelley gave an excellent talk on research, and I just love listening to Velda Brotherton speak. Her knowledge astounds me and I'm grateful she is so willing to share! Dusty Richards did writing 101 and we all know how important the basics are. Learning them helps make the real writing so much less scary!
Over all, I had a fantastic inspiring time at a conference I will definitely be returning to!