Monday, July 22, 2013

In the Zone. Love the Zone. Feed the Zone.

I've hit the writing Zone :)

My daughter interrupted my writing the other day and I was grumpy for at least half an hour. During which, I was subject to much teasing of being caught in the Zone. 

Well, so. Geez! Why is everybody so needy! 

It's my belief that you should only be allowed to tease if you also have been to the Zone.
It's a happy place, full adventures and imagination! Of course, there is also the typical and not so typical tragedy. It's definitely my happy place! 

I saw Josi Kilpacks story for the second time and it made me smile and waltz my way back to the computer and into the Zone once again. This time she gives it along with a recipe for her secret sauce! It involves one particular secret ingredient... stick-to-itiveness

Yes! I knew that ingredient would come in handy one day!
She talks about her confidence and getting shot down and picking herself up every time! It's a fantastic story that makes me happy to pick up my project write some more words. Adding a little of my long stored stick-to-itiveness. Thank goodness that stuff doesn't have an expiration date! 

Don't you love the Zone. The keep writing, keep dreaming, happy place. I love it here. It's a whole lot of fun floating in the Zone.


mshatch said...

There is nothing better than being int he writing zone. Words flow like water, the right phrase always comes to mind, and dialogue is easy as pie. *sigh* if only it could be like that every day, right?

Hillary Sperry said...

Aaah, C'est la vie. It's true, that's why it hurts so bad to lose it :) When you're there, feed it. Keep the zone healthy and as welcoming as a good friend! Somewhere that you can always pick right up with. Nice :)