Monday, April 8, 2013

If only :) meant, "Gosh, I'm happy today!"

I'm feeling happy today :) and wishing emoticons had an appropriate place in literature. 

I'm not the least :-} when I say I think they're a fabulous way to express emotion!

Instead of saying
 "Joy radiated from her face as she flung her body at him. Six months was way to long." 
Just tell us her thoughts about missing him and plug in a giant smilie! :D 

Then "He held her around the waist twirling them both as other airport travelers scattered. She squealed squeezing him tighter till she landed and stood giggling and swatting at him for his reckless behavior, but he refused to let go."
Do we really need all that, I ask you? It's so much tighter to tell that he twirled her she squealed at him and then show off a nice little :P Then you know exactly how she's feeling! Am I right?

Yes I think I'm ready to bring about this new age and technique in literature. The time has come. 
You might be feeling :-| or :-O but no worries ;) 
Dont be X( or :s There will still be a place for everyone! So no :'( among writers. Write on and we'll see who wins >:) 

If you'd like to join me, here's a link with an immense list of emoticons for your future writing purposes in this brave, new world we can create together!


Am I a little late for April Fool's?

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