Monday, March 11, 2013

Sluffing The Real Stuff

My toes are buried under a pile of laundry on my unmade bed, there's a stack of papers next to me and what am I doing?
Sitting under it all typing away on my story! What a happy way to start the morning :)

Haha, OK! It would probably be happier with all of it done but it won't last long. I'll sluff it for a moment, then have to get up and take care of things because life happens and has to be dealt with. 

Who's to say I'm really sluffing anyhow?
 It all depends on your frame of mind. There's a story full of very real imagery and experiences to the people inside it. They and I deserve to have that story told! Writing and stories fill my head and for the moment I'm reveling in it. 
So am I sluffing the real stuff, or sluffing what's really the background to living life? 
Yeah, I said it. Laundry is the monotony of a life un-lived.

 Of course nobody wants to live that life naked. 
So, this'll be me later today but for now...
just give me five more minutes... 'kay.

Where's Chloe today: Talkin' with her momma and hoping not to choke mid convo!


chococatania said...

I go back and forth on this all the time...monotony, life, chores, you know...In some ways they struggle one against the other. Laundry vs. writing, eating cake vs. working out, surfing the internet vs. paying attention to the kids, making dinner vs. riding a vespa, etc.

I came across this quote by Elder Neal A. Maxwell..."Repeatedly God has described His course as reiterative, "one eternal round." We mortals sometimes experience boredom in the routine repetition of our mortal tasks, including even good works; and thus vulnerable, we are urged not to grow weary in well doing. But given God's divine love, there is no boredom in His part amid His repetitive work, for His course, though one eternal round, involves continuous redemption for His children; it is full of goodness and mercy as His long-suffering shows His love in action. In fact, we cannot even comprehend the infinite blessings which await the faithful--"eye hath not seen, nor ear heard..." (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Maxwell continues: "jesus' self-described moments of a fulness of joy include His moments of ministering and their effects on the righteous--products of His doing the Father's will. There are clear indicators of what matters most to Him and to the Father, for they are one in purpose. Just as when we fear, we are not yet made perfect in love, so when we are bored or robotic, we are not yet made perfect in love." - Neal A. Maxwell, Not my Will, but Thine.

Anyway--this quote has me thinking, are they really struggling? Am I right in thinking that if I'm doing laundry, then I'm not living life? And I'm thinking that maybe "really living life" means that there should be no struggle. It's both. Living life is doing laundry AND writing, eating cake AND working out, surfing the internet AND paying attention to the kids, making dinner AND riding a vespa, etc.

I mean really, who has anything of any value to say or write if they don't know what it's like to do dishes, clean laundry, scrub a floor, wipe a kids' poop out of a windowsill? And so, when I'm bored because I'm doing my chores, and I'm feeling like life is passing me by, I try to take mental note of the mundane because maybe they aren't mundane at all...maybe I'm just oblivious.

(food for thought)

Jessie Oliveros said...

Oh Hillary, I love you. Your mother-in-law and I were just talking about you when she came to visit, that you were writing...and that I'm writing, too! Did you know? Well, since we can't be sister-in-law-laws (and we were kind of close) we'll have to be writing friends forever. I'm so excited to find this out about you. I've been writing seriously for about four years. I started with YA, but ended up writing MG, which I hope to query by summertime. I love your "confession" on Facebook, but I know what you's a hard thing to let people know about, like a special secret that only your writing friends get. Anyway, I'm excited to hear more about your writing journey. Come visit my side of the blogosphere, and that mustache picture of me? It was for a good cause.