Thursday, March 21, 2013

10 Days of Truth

It's been ten days since I posted last and I've thought about that post everyday since.
So, today I'm posting some of my thoughts back to you.

 First off we have Day one - Sluffing the Real Stuff was posted. 
Hmm.... Instant guilt.

 My main thoughts these past ten days have been about how writing is the real stuff and even though I mentioned that a tiny bit at the bottom of my post it's not how I was feeling that day. 
 To really be an author I have to remember what the real stuff really is.

 Day two - Support network.
 Get one where ever you can so you don't end up a puddle on the bathroom floor.  

I'm still remembering and feeling pretty bad. Unfortunately my husand doesn't love my going off to write. Fortunately I have fabulous friends who encourage, and eventually even my husband comes around... for awhile. 

 Day three - Be proud of the writer that you are. 
 We're all at different levels of learning. 

After wallowing in my self destructive thoughts for a while I started telling myself that I'm an author and it's ok to be proud of that. Even when there is no book with my name on it backing me up. 
Being an author with nothing to show for it is no easy task. True no one can judge you but at the same time no one can really make up their mind about you at all. So it's like your status of author is really just a figment of the imagination, theirs, yours, it doesn't matter because it's not really there.
 However, I'm learning to be proud of the fact that even though I'm still learning, I love being an author. I think I'm good, hopefully getting better, and I can be proud.

Day four - Be proud but not stubborn 
Not being able to learn how to be a better writer is just stupid. 

We join critique groups and ask peoples opinions. Then we say no that's the way I intended it, or but I really liked that part, or I like it the way it is. Nobody's perfect, so, listen and assume that these wonderful people we've surrounded ourselves with might actually know something!

 Day five - Do It!
The difference between people who succeed and people who don't is the success stories actually did it.

I realize writing is a job for an author. I've come to terms with this in several other aspects of my life, but it was interesting to me that I had to realize this for my writing as well. You think you know something but a few days after my post I was thinking about "the real stuff" and realized I hadn't opened my laptop since I typed up all my guilt on day one. So, I remembered my thoughts that having talent doesn't make you a success. Acting on it and finishing does. Of course with a few other details involved :) 

 Day six - Be positive. 
There is no wagon so you can't fall off. Just keep going.

 Somewhere around this point I was starting to feel pretty good about writing and my books. It was kinda nice. Truthfully negativity has it's place in anticipating and solving many problems but being positive about our writing helps us keep at it, and that is something we all need.

 Day seven - Life happens whether you write or not so write 

Life started getting busy about this point and despite my husbands upturn in support, and my positivity, I was was losing out on writing time.
 So, write when you can and steal some moments to write even if you don't think you can. 
The world keeps turning no matter what.

 Day eight - Work on what you've got. 
Write down your new ideas but for goodness sake go finish something!

I've had several new ideas lately and they're all very exciting, but I was watching my daughter start on her third, fourth, or fifth new story and I couldn't help myself. "Ally! Finish something!" I whined to her. Yeah it was kinda whining, because frankly I want to read the end of some of those stories, but I couldn't help thinking of my own half finished stories as I said it. 
So, yeah. Go finish something!

 Day nine - Goals are achievable!
 All you have to do is make them and fight for them! And I do mean fight :)

Goals are a little scary too, because they make us accountable, but if we don't have a goal we don't know where we're going do we. That's even worse than Dorthy's misleading yellow brick road. 
So, fight for it! The Emerald City is waiting!

 Day ten - It's Dew Time

Hehe, I love DEW time. It's so easy! Thirty minutes and no guilt! More than thirty minutes is pure joy! Check out this post if you don't know what DEW time is, I'll write my own later :) Now, go DEW it!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sluffing The Real Stuff

My toes are buried under a pile of laundry on my unmade bed, there's a stack of papers next to me and what am I doing?
Sitting under it all typing away on my story! What a happy way to start the morning :)

Haha, OK! It would probably be happier with all of it done but it won't last long. I'll sluff it for a moment, then have to get up and take care of things because life happens and has to be dealt with. 

Who's to say I'm really sluffing anyhow?
 It all depends on your frame of mind. There's a story full of very real imagery and experiences to the people inside it. They and I deserve to have that story told! Writing and stories fill my head and for the moment I'm reveling in it. 
So am I sluffing the real stuff, or sluffing what's really the background to living life? 
Yeah, I said it. Laundry is the monotony of a life un-lived.

 Of course nobody wants to live that life naked. 
So, this'll be me later today but for now...
just give me five more minutes... 'kay.

Where's Chloe today: Talkin' with her momma and hoping not to choke mid convo!