Monday, February 4, 2013

Ode to the Pen

I've been struggling with a laptop that doesn't want to cooperate with my on the move style of writing.

  • I want to write everywhere. It prefers being plugged into the wall.
  • I want to access my work in a more easily view-able format. It doesn't like to save in dropbox. (Or maybe it just refuses to update what it does save. I can't decide)
  • I move from one thought to the next very quickly. It thinks I need time. Probably to contemplate the nature of every possible story line before continuing on with the plot. (Jerk. I guess it doesn't trust me.)
Oh well, in any case I was inspired by a post at  QueryTracker Blog by Jane Lebak She wrote about writing in notebooks and after reading it I stared at my stack of neglected notebooks and was kinda surprised at how similar my feelings are about writing in them. 

I still need the computer, obviously, but I really believe I write better when it's come from my brain, to the paper. Like somehow my heart is attached to those tools and when I insert a keyboard between my fingers and the story, I lose feeling. Maybe I think about things to much, or not enough, but in any case I'm pulling out the notebooks and pens and going to work... again :) 

Go check out her post and her friends posts as well if we want to be all unbiased and junk, and get inspired!

If you really want that ode...
Oh the glory of this thine ink!
Why must the words thou holds be hid from me?
Spill them, spill them forth that I might joy in their wonder!
Share thy secrets with us all.
The glory that thou holds.

Hehe, Share an ode with me! I'm totally not being serious in writing that. Honestly...
 I don't even know what an ode really is! So don't think just write and share your ode to writing!

Current WIP - Today I'm hoping to find out some dynamics in the conflict between Chloe and her father. 

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