Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is the first time really the best?

Just got back from my very first writers conference. It was the Ozark Creative Writers Convention, and it was awesome!
I'm gonna be honest though, I'm not really feeling more motivated to write. Ooo, I hope nobody's offended. Don't tell Tamara! Blast! She's gonna find out anyway. Dang internet. No worries Tamara, and all new authors looking for an opportunity to share the writing love, motivation comes in many forms! This just wasn't the way I expected it!

Tamara is my wonderful friend that I attended the conference with. Go check out her post it's full of fun info about the conference and the agent who was there. She's been helping me remember how much I love writing, but I really am just starting out in this crazy amazing world of writing, so, trying to take in all that information was a little overwhelming. I'd come out of each class with pages of notes and realize how much more there is to writing than a good idea.
That happened after every class I think :) It makes me giggle a little how exhausting sitting in class is and how awesome all of the speakers were.
Thank goodness they left a little break time each day that we happily filled with shopping and chocolate, along with a little of our own writing, to temper the information overload!

We've established that I'm a new author. As long as you aren't counting the little construction paper covered book I wrote about a haunted castle when I was in first grade. (don't smirk you've all got one!) I'm still working on the first draft, of my first novel, but who'd of thought jumping into a room full of people who share my interests could be so scary! Writing can be hard and these people have been beating there way through for years.

The conference itself was a very cool experience, and I plan to go to this one and others in the future. The classes were great, the people were awesome. In fact, I never got to have a one-on-one conversation with Dusty Richards, who heads the committee, but I feel like he's my friend. To bad he has no idea!

So I wouldn't say I came out of the conference super motivated to write. However, I am super motivated to learn and I'm sure I'll keep writing as I go! Also, I'm really looking forward to next year! Whew!
In any case, first whirlwind, fabulous convention finished. Check!