Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keep movin along :)

So I started this in March, and I have continued to write, slowly.

Flash forward!
6 mo later.

Hmm... sorry, but I'm not finished yet. Oops!
Hehe :)

However, I am further along than the first chapter.
The overflowing amount of advice that is available to anyone wanting to write. Boggles my mind and leaves me in awe of the many talented published and unpublished authors out there striving to tell their story!
Today, I'm feeling the need to just keep going.
The desire to tell my story is overwhelming, but, this first time through the first draft is kinda killing me :) I'm trying to figure out the details of things that I vaguely know and put into words the feelings that express themselves so freely in my minds eye. I think this is why not everyone can be a writer! I just have to make sure I get through it!

Goals for today (or this month) -
Find the time and push through the hard parts so that your story can be told. I'll figure out the fine tuning later but right now it just needs to be told!

The second draft is easier right?

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