Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Chapter... Check!

Welcome to... no one! At this point, and someday maybe, to someone who wants to hear what I have to say!
Congratulations! You of all people have stumbled upon my blog, which is mainly about books and the process of writing one, but seeing as I have no real experience except the one that I am living, I claim only to write what I love and know! And share my successes and mistakes along the way!

Today... Success!

I finished the first chapter of my first draft of my book! Exciting! It's all outlined through to the end and scenes are broken down, but now I've actually finished the first chapter and it feels so good!

Of course a book is much more than it's first chapter (and I already have thoughts about revising it) so my goal is to write 500 words every day and get it done in 6 Months! Woo-Hoo! Here's to goals!